All Levels Yoga

A slower flow based class that is appropriate for all levels. Modifications are given for poses, as are opportunities to practice more advanced variations. You’ll do a bit of everything in these classes. Varies each week.

Vinyasa x Yin Yoga
The first part of this 60 minute class we’ll flow through a series of vinyasas and standing postures. The last half will be a seated yin practice that will complement the first. It’ll be the perfect balance.

Yin Yoga
This is a full hour long yin practice. We’ll begin in seated meditation, and then go through a series of seated postures that will be held for several minutes at a time.

Yin is mainly focused on the area of the body from the waist down. That means hips, hamstrings for the most part, but we’ll also get into the back. Instead of working to stretch muscles as we do in other yoga classes, yin is there to help us get in to the connective tissue. That takes a lot longer to ease into, which is why we’re holding each posture for several minutes at a time. If you practice yin on a regular basis you’ll start to see new areas of your body open up when you’re in your other yoga classes!

Power Yoga

This is a vinyasa class with a particular emphasis on breath and strength building. Think a mindful, strong, consistent flow practice that isn’t about “how fast can you go,” where we get upside down, and balance on our hands. Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga and Ladder Flow are all taught under this Power Yoga umbrella.