YouTube Live Stream Classes start Monday, March 16

Hi friends. As you’ve heard, I’ve had to suspend all in-person classes at The Y and Sweet Home Spun. I’ve updated my schedule with what I know so far, and will continue to update it as we learn more. I hope you’re able to join me on YouTube for a live class over the next few weeks.

YouTube Live Stream Schedule

  • Monday, Slow Flow Yoga, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Wednesday, Slow Flow Yoga, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Thursday, Yin Yoga, 6:30-7:45pm
  • Saturday, Power Yoga, 9:00-10:15am

I decided to stream on YouTube to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up your practice. Unlike other yoga studios that are offering virtual classes from a provider such as Zoom, I’m not able to directly monetize these videos. If you’re able, and would like to support your yoga teacher, I’ve setup a link with Square where you can do that.

Hope to see you online over the next few weeks.


New dinner plans for Saturday, December 14th

Hi friends. My plans unraveled a bit while I was on vacation, and dinner will no longer be at The Red Lion. Instead, we will meet at 6:30 at The Barrel Room, which is the local brewery in town, and Bell House will handle the food for us. They also serve wine and bourbon if beer isn’t your thing.
622 Main Street, Shelbyville
Parking lot is directly across from the brewery, or there is street parking.
When: Meet at 6:30pm, this Saturday, December 14
The Bell House has a lot of reservations for Saturday night due to a show at the local theatre, so I’ve promised we wouldn’t order food before 7:00. Since they are delivering the food, I would like to do one large order to make this go smoothly, so you can pay me however you’d like. I’m attaching the carry out menu for Bell House.
Sorry for the change of plans, but it was necessary. Hope to still see you there this Saturday at The Barrel Room at 6:30!

New bolsters and blankets are here!


Hi yogis! I placed a big order a few days ago, and I’m happy to say the props have arrived in time for the 6:30 Vinyasa x Yin Yoga class tonight at Sweet Home Spun. I’ve got eight bolsters, and 10 blankets that I’m excited for you to try out. This really does open up new possibilities for what I can teach in regards to yin yoga, as you need the extra support a bolster can provide. For example, reclining hero’s pose can be easier to hold laying over a bolster, and more comfortable with a folded blanket underneath your feet. Half pigeon is another pose that feels different with a bolster. We’ll have the option to use blankets in nearly every pose.

I hope to see you in class tonight, and I can’t wait for you to practice with the new props. Enjoy!


Goodbye Facebook

After much thought I’ve decided to close my personal Facebook account, and as a result of that, my yoga page is also gone. Facebook has become such a toxic environment over the last several years that I no longer want any part of it. It is very hard to practice ahimsa, or non-violence towards others on there when good people are sharing fake news. I was finding myself being angry scrolling through my newsfeed, and lashing out on occasion. Whether I was right or wrong in doing that is irrelevant. It always put me in a bad mood.

What this means for my yoga community, is the best way to stay in touch with me for events, and class updates is this website. I always update my Google Calendar with subs and cancellations. If you click + Google Calendar on my schedule page, you can have my schedule updated in your calendar app. Technology FTW!

If you haven’t subscribed to my email newsletter, please take a minute to get on that. Events and updates will be sent out with plenty of notice. If you do subscribe, maybe forward that email to a yoga friend that isn’t on the list.

More than likely Facebook events will be replaced by Eventbrite, but more info on that when the time comes. Again, those will be communicated by email and this site.

If you ever want to just reach out and chat, you can do that in a couple ways. Contact page is there if you’re the email type. I’m still on Messenger, so feel free to add me by scanning my code below in the app. And I’m on Instagram too, which so far seems less toxic.





Yoga & Dinner on December 7th at 6:00pm

Join me for our annual yoga class and dinner in Shelbyville. We’re changing things up this year with an earlier start time, a new day, and a new restaurant!

We’ll meet at Sweet Home Spun for an All Levels Yoga class from 6:00-7:00pm, and then head to Bourbon Kitchen at 524 for dinner at 7:30. This is a newer restaurant in Shelbyville with great food and drinks.

Drop-in single class rates apply. You can also use your class card or unlimited package.

Please RSVP by email, or on the Facebook event page.  Hope to see you there!

Yoga x Picnic is coming September 16

Join us at 1:00pm for our third annual Yoga Picnic at Sweet Home Spun and Smith Berry Winery in Henry County.

We’ll start the festivities off with a one hour yoga class at Sweet Home Spun (6805 Castle Hwy., Pleasureville, KY). You can attend at no additional cost as part of your monthly unlimited pass, use a class card, or buy a drop-in class. Purchase in advance online, or in person for $12.00

Afterwards we’ll head over to Smith Berry Winery (855 Drennon Road, New Castle, KY) for some fun. Please bring your favorite dish you’d like to share. Wine will be available to purchase in the tasting room.

Please RSVP, and I hope to see you there.

New Three Months Unlimited Package Now Available

Hi yogis. I’ve added a new package that will get you three months of unlimited yoga for $180. This is for the person that has a consistent practice, but prefers to pay by cash or check. This is a one-time purchase like the class cards, and is valid for three months from the date of purchase.

The monthly unlimited package that auto renews by credit or debit is still the best value, so for most people you’ll want to stick with that.

Check out the flyer below, and feel free to tell your friends.


Yoga Pricing 2018

Two new Yin Yoga classes to begin in April

Hi yogis! Students from all of my classes enjoy yin as a complement to a regular yoga practice. I hear it all the time….can we do yin tonight? Until now it’s been sporadic in when I’ve been able to teach it, but I’m happy to announce that two new yin classes are coming to the schedule.

Vinyasa x Yin Yoga
Meets the first Thursday of the month. The first part of this 60 minute class we’ll flow through a series of vinyasas and standing postures. The last half will be a seated yin practice that will complement the first. It’ll be the perfect balance.

Yin Yoga
Meets on the third Thursday. This is a full hour long yin practice. We’ll begin in seated meditation, and then go through a series of seated postures that will be held for several minutes at a time.

Both classes will meet at 6:30pm at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville, KY.

If you’re asking yourself, what exactly is yin, here’s why it’s such a good balance to a flow based practice.

Yin is mainly focused on the area of the body from the waist down. That means hips, hamstrings for the most part, but we’ll also get into the back. Instead of working to stretch muscles as we do in other yoga classes, yin is there to help us get in to the connective tissue. That takes a lot longer to ease into, which is why we’re holding each posture for several minutes at a time. If you practice yin on a regular basis you’ll start to see new areas of your body open up when you’re in your other yoga classes!

If you’re new to yin you’ll be good to start with either one.

Yin is a practice that I’ve loved for years, and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you on a regular basis.

Monthly unlimited of course will work for these classes, as will single classes, and the five and ten pack class cards.

If you’re regular practice is not with me at Sweet Home Spun, but you’d like to attend the occasional yin class, consider purchasing a class card. They never expire, and you can use them for any special class held in Pleasureville. Plus, you’ll be saving money over purchasing an individual class.

I hope to see you for our first scheduled Vinyasa x Yin Yoga class on April 5th.



Yoga at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville, KY

My all levels yoga class is set at Sweet Home Spun in a recreated Low Dutch Meetinghouse located at 6805 Castle Highway in Pleasureville. It’s a beautiful space to practice in with hardwood floors, subdued lighting, and a sheep farm right next door! I have mats, and props to get you going with your yoga practice.

We started the Monday night class over five years ago, and just last week I added a Thursday evening class to the schedule. The feedback so far has been wonderful. Thank you!

My classes are friendly to beginners, as well as seasoned students. Both the Monday and Thursday classes meet in the evening from 6:30-7:30.

To keep classes affordable you have the option to purchase a single class, 5 class pack, 10 class pack, or the new Monthly Unlimited package. That package lets you attend every class at Sweet Home Spun for $50 each month. That works out to about $6.00 per class! The Monthly Unlimited package can be purchased in person before either class with a credit/debit card, and an email address.

Sweet Home Spun at 6805 Castle Highway, is a short drive from Shelbyville, and in the heart of Pleasureville.

If you have any questions about class, feel free to reach out to me with the form below, or on Facebook.

New class launches January 25 at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville with new Monthly Unlimited package

I’ve got good news to share with all of my students at Sweet Home Spun. Beginning on Thursday, January 25th, I’ll add a second class to the schedule! Both the Monday and Thursday classes will meet from 6:30 – 7:30pm.

The Monday night class has been going strong for five years now, and I’m delighted to be able to give you an option to further your practice. Not only is this good for those that want more yoga, but it will also help you from missing a week when Mondays don’t fit in with your schedule.

I’m also launching a new Monthly Unlimited package that will be the most affordable way for you to increase your practice. For $50 you can attend every class at Sweet Home Spun! This will be your best bet if you plan on attending at least five or six classes a month.

The Monthly Unlimited package will be sold as a subscription with a credit or debit card, and will automatically renew on the same day each month. This package will be available for sale in-person beginning on Monday, January 8th!

With the Monthly Unlimited package I’ll process your card before class like a normal payment, and it will be securely stored with my card processing company, Square. Each month you’ll receive an email from Square that your card has been charged. There is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel at any time. No refunds for partial months.

My goal is to keep my classes at Sweet Home Spun as affordable as possible, and each class is now cheaper than ever with the new Monthly Unlimited package.

There will be a small rate increase (my first in five years) for the single and class packages that will be effective February 1, 2018. A single class will be $12.00, 5 Class Pack is $50.00, and the 10 Class Pack is $85.00. Class packs never expire.

Unfortunately, I must also announce that my last Thursday class at the Middletown YMCA will be on January 18th, however I am not leaving The Y altogether. The rest of my schedule will stay the same.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this coming Monday the 8th for the first class at 2018 at Sweet Home Spun, and on the 25th for the first Thursday class. See you then!