All Levels Yoga lands on January 7th at the Northeast YMCA

It’s been a busy last few months with the launch of the Power Yoga class at Norton Commons in September, and things are going well. We’ve all got some more elbow room, which was one of my goals for the 11:15 class, and both classes combined are reaching more students than before. One nice surprise is seeing how many people are attending classes back-to-back.

Now that we’re all setting into a routine, I’ve got the opportunity to make some changes to my schedule at Northeast. It has always been my most demanding class, and as a result it has a reputation for being too hard. My goal as a teacher is to help as many people as I can with yoga. Not to make a class as hard as possible.

With that said, I’m happy to announce the Power Yoga class at Northeast will be changing to an All Levels Yoga format beginning on January 7th. The time will stay the same, as will the duration.

NEW All Levels Yoga 

A beginner/intermediate yoga class that changes weekly based on your requests. This is a hatha class with some options to flow. Modifications will be offered, as well as more challenging variations to suit all levels. Class ends with a nice relaxation to clear your mind.

Beginning January 7, 2017 the new Saturday schedule will be:

  • All Levels Yoga – 8:15-9:25 – Northeast
  • Power Yoga – 10:10-11:05 – Norton Commons
  • All Levels Yoga – 11:15-12:10 – Norton Commons

Choose the format/time that works best for you, and I’ll see you on your mat.



3rd Annual Yoga and Dinner Celebration Happening on December 5, 2016

Join us for a relaxing 60 minute class on a sheep farm at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville, KY. Inside the recreated Low Dutch Meetinghouse there are hardwood floors, subdued lighting, and plenty of space for your practice. I have a few loaner mats if you need one. After class you’ll have the option to join us in Shelbyville for dinner at La Cocina De Mama.

Single class passes are discounted to $8.00 for this event, and are available in advance. Regular yogis can also use their class cards.

Class will start right at 6:30 to get the full hour practice in, so allow yourself plenty of time to get settled before class. It’s about a 40-45 minute drive from Middletown. If you have friends joining us only for dinner, we’ll plan to be there at 8. La Cocina is located at 535 Main Street, in downtown Shelbyville.

Hope to see you all there!


PS: This will be my last class for the year at Sweet Home Spun, so I hope you can make it. We’ll be back on January 2, 2017.

Yoga + Wine on July 17

Yoga + Wine on July 17th at 1:00 pm

Join me for an afternoon of yoga and wine in beautiful Henry County, KY!

We’ll begin with a 75 minute yoga class at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville, and end our practice with a deep relaxation.

Following class we’ll make the short drive to Smith Berry Winery in New Castle for our very own private wine tasting. You’ll get a sampling of six wines, plus a souvenir wine glass to take home.

Afterwards we’ll snack on homemade hummus with chips and veggies under their patio. If you’d like to bring something else please do =) Bottles will be available for purchase to enjoy on-site, or take home.

You get a discounted yoga class, private wine tasting and sovenir glass for only $20! Purchase your pass online at any time before the event, or you can pay the day of with cash, check or a credit/debit card.

If you are only attending the class, and not participating in the wine tasting, regular class prices will apply.

Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook (or tell me in person) so I can give the winery of idea of how many will be attending. Hope to see all of my Pleasureville and Louisville yogis there!


Christmas Eve Yoga to benefit Africa Yoga Project

Join me Christmas Eve morning at 9:30 for a fun class broadcast live on Periscope! The class will only be available for 24 hours, but a HD replay will be coming later to YouTube.

The easiest way to join in is with the Periscope app on iOS and Android. Follow mstivers to get notified when class begins. You can also visit this morning and watch live from your computer.

If you’re attending the Yoga Mala (don’t forget to sign up!) that 502 Power Yoga is doing on January 2nd, you can get access for free. Send me a message with the email address you use for YouTube, and I’ll share the video with you.

For those unable to attend the Mala, access to the video will be sold on my website,, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Africa Yoga Project. Details to come after the class this morning.

Sign up for my email newsletter to receive notifications of future events.

UPDATE: The class is now available.

2nd Annual Yoga & Dinner Celebration on Dec. 14th.

Join me and my fellow yogis for a special evening yoga class on December 14 at 6:30 at Sweet Home Spun, 6805 Castle Hwy in Pleasureville, followed by dinner at 8:00 at La Cocina de Mama in Shelbyville. Everyone from the Pleasureville yoga community and the Louisville YMCA yogis had a great time last year. We hope you’ll be able to join us again!

You can purchase a discounted single class for $8 at any time before class, or in person. Class cards are also fine to use here.

If this will be your first class at Sweet Home Spun please fill out this form, and bring with you to class.

Feel free to invite your friends! If they aren’t able to make it to yoga, they can meet us at the restaurant at 8pm. It’s located at 535 Main Street, Shelbyville.

To RSVP join the event on Facebook, or send me an email. I’d like to give the restaurant an idea of how many to expect.

Directions from Louisville:
Take I-64 E to exit 32 for KY-55 and turn left at the end of the ramp. (There used to be two exits here, but there is only one now. Careful if your GPS says otherwise) Stay on this road thru several lights, continuing straight onto the bypass at the intersection with Walgreen’s and CVS. At the end of the bypass turn left to continue onto KY-55 N, and follow the road for 9.3 miles. At the Dairy Queen in Eminence turn right onto Elm Street, and continue for 2.2 miles. Turn right onto US-421/Castle Hwy and continue straight through the stoplight in Pleasureville. Sweet Home Spun with be about 1.5 miles past the light on your right. Look for the four lit windows and it will be easy to find in the dark.

Hope you can join us!

Stay current with my new newsletter

Today I’m adding an email newsletter as another way to stay connected with me and my teaching schedule. You’ll be able to choose if you’d like to receive updates for Sweet Home Spun, The YMCA or both. Schedule changes will continue to be posted to my Google Calendar and Facebook page.

I’ll also being sending out emails for promotions that may include free classes for a guest, or sales on class packages. You won’t want to miss it!


Artist Showcase at Sixth & Main Coffeehouse

This coming Saturday, July 25 from 2-4 I’ll be at Sixth & Main Coffeehouse in Shelbyville for my debut artist showcase, and it’s a bit nerve-racking if I’m being honest. I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 14 years, but this will be the first time that my photography has been on display. Adding to the nerves is the fact that this day happens to be the Horse Show Jubilee, so downtown is likely to be packed! I’ve somehow ended up with the best/worst day I could have hoped for.

I do need to thank my friends in my photo walk group. It’s been great working with them over the past year, and learning new techniques. Some of the photos you’ll see in the show were taken on walks with my group.

The gallery below is most of what you’ll find on display for the next month at the coffeehouse. If you’d like to purchase reprints head over to my store on Square for all the details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

45 Minute Flow – May 12, 2015 – Audio

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On this episode we’re working through a short opening sequence filled with lunges while focusing on stretching out the hip flexor, and then on to a standing series where we add some shoulder openers. This is followed by a seated series and the option to practice headstand.  Enjoy!