Yoga dinner at The Red Lion, Dec 14

Hi friends! December is right around the corner, and it’s time to make plans for the Holidays. This year we’re going to one of my favorite restaurants in Shelbyville, The Red Lion! It’s a British pub set in the courtyard of Science Hill, and the intimate space makes for a great atmosphere. Plus, the food is great.

In recent years, the majority of people have only been attending dinner, so I won’t be holding an extra class first at Sweet Home Spun. Dinner has usually felt rushed, so I think this will allow for a more relaxed evening.

The restaurant holds probably no more than 25-30 people, so reservations will be necessary. I’m asking that you RSVP using the link below NO LATER than Friday, December 6th. I fear if you show up without an RSVP that you won’t have a seat! Make sure you opt to get your responses emailed from Google, and then you can edit your reservation any time before December 6th should your plans change.

I always look forward to this time every year, and I hope we can get this place packed. See you there!



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