New bolsters and blankets are here!


Hi yogis! I placed a big order a few days ago, and I’m happy to say the props have arrived in time for the 6:30 Vinyasa x Yin Yoga class tonight at Sweet Home Spun. I’ve got eight bolsters, and 10 blankets that I’m excited for you to try out. This really does open up new possibilities for what I can teach in regards to yin yoga, as you need the extra support a bolster can provide. For example, reclining hero’s pose can be easier to hold laying over a bolster, and more comfortable with a folded blanket underneath your feet. Half pigeon is another pose that feels different with a bolster. We’ll have the option to use blankets in nearly every pose.

I hope to see you in class tonight, and I can’t wait for you to practice with the new props. Enjoy!


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