Goodbye Facebook

After much thought I’ve decided to close my personal Facebook account, and as a result of that, my yoga page is also gone. Facebook has become such a toxic environment over the last several years that I no longer want any part of it. It is very hard to practice ahimsa, or non-violence towards others on there when good people are sharing fake news. I was finding myself being angry scrolling through my newsfeed, and lashing out on occasion. Whether I was right or wrong in doing that is irrelevant. It always put me in a bad mood.

What this means for my yoga community, is the best way to stay in touch with me for events, and class updates is this website. I always update my Google Calendar with subs and cancellations. If you click + Google Calendar on my schedule page, you can have my schedule updated in your calendar app. Technology FTW!

If you haven’t subscribed to my email newsletter, please take a minute to get on that. Events and updates will be sent out with plenty of notice. If you do subscribe, maybe forward that email to a yoga friend that isn’t on the list.

More than likely Facebook events will be replaced by Eventbrite, but more info on that when the time comes. Again, those will be communicated by email and this site.

If you ever want to just reach out and chat, you can do that in a couple ways. Contact page is there if you’re the email type. I’m still on Messenger, so feel free to add me by scanning my code below in the app. And I’m on Instagram too, which so far seems less toxic.





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