Two new Yin Yoga classes to begin in April

Hi yogis! Students from all of my classes enjoy yin as a complement to a regular yoga practice. I hear it all the time….can we do yin tonight? Until now it’s been sporadic in when I’ve been able to teach it, but I’m happy to announce that two new yin classes are coming to the schedule.

Vinyasa x Yin Yoga
Meets the first Thursday of the month. The first part of this 60 minute class we’ll flow through a series of vinyasas and standing postures. The last half will be a seated yin practice that will complement the first. It’ll be the perfect balance.

Yin Yoga
Meets on the third Thursday. This is a full hour long yin practice. We’ll begin in seated meditation, and then go through a series of seated postures that will be held for several minutes at a time.

Both classes will meet at 6:30pm at Sweet Home Spun in Pleasureville, KY.

If you’re asking yourself, what exactly is yin, here’s why it’s such a good balance to a flow based practice.

Yin is mainly focused on the area of the body from the waist down. That means hips, hamstrings for the most part, but we’ll also get into the back. Instead of working to stretch muscles as we do in other yoga classes, yin is there to help us get in to the connective tissue. That takes a lot longer to ease into, which is why we’re holding each posture for several minutes at a time. If you practice yin on a regular basis you’ll start to see new areas of your body open up when you’re in your other yoga classes!

If you’re new to yin you’ll be good to start with either one.

Yin is a practice that I’ve loved for years, and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you on a regular basis.

Monthly unlimited of course will work for these classes, as will single classes, and the five and ten pack class cards.

If you’re regular practice is not with me at Sweet Home Spun, but you’d like to attend the occasional yin class, consider purchasing a class card. They never expire, and you can use them for any special class held in Pleasureville. Plus, you’ll be saving money over purchasing an individual class.

I hope to see you for our first scheduled Vinyasa x Yin Yoga class on April 5th.



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