All Levels Yoga lands on January 7th at the Northeast YMCA

It’s been a busy last few months with the launch of the Power Yoga class at Norton Commons in September, and things are going well. We’ve all got some more elbow room, which was one of my goals for the 11:15 class, and both classes combined are reaching more students than before. One nice surprise is seeing how many people are attending classes back-to-back.

Now that we’re all setting into a routine, I’ve got the opportunity to make some changes to my schedule at Northeast. It has always been my most demanding class, and as a result it has a reputation for being too hard. My goal as a teacher is to help as many people as I can with yoga. Not to make a class as hard as possible.

With that said, I’m happy to announce the Power Yoga class at Northeast will be changing to an All Levels Yoga format beginning on January 7th. The time will stay the same, as will the duration.

NEW All Levels Yoga 

A beginner/intermediate yoga class that changes weekly based on your requests. This is a hatha class with some options to flow. Modifications will be offered, as well as more challenging variations to suit all levels. Class ends with a nice relaxation to clear your mind.

Beginning January 7, 2017 the new Saturday schedule will be:

  • All Levels Yoga – 8:15-9:25 – Northeast
  • Power Yoga – 10:10-11:05 – Norton Commons
  • All Levels Yoga – 11:15-12:10 – Norton Commons

Choose the format/time that works best for you, and I’ll see you on your mat.



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