We’ll do it live!

It’s been snowing a lot here in Kentucky recently. A couple weeks ago we had about 8″ of snow fall on a Monday, and it stuck around for nearly two weeks. Just as it all melted off the grass we had even more snow come down on Wednesday evening. I measured 12″ in Shelbyville, and the media reported as much as 16″ for us. I ended up driving to Louisville to teach class on Wednesday night, and that probably wasn’t the wisest decision. It was fine getting to The Y, but the snow came down hard after class started. It looked to be at least 2″ at 7:30 that night. Scariest drive home, ever!

I made the suggestion on Facebook about live streaming a class on YouTube in the event we got snowed in on Thursday, and I had several people interested right away. Skipping ahead to Thursday I wake up to snowmageddon, so I cancelled class at The Y. My yogi friends had not forgotten about my offer, so it was off to figure out how to make this possible.

I tried placing my aging MacBook Pro (late 2008 and still kicking) in several different spots in the room before I found one that would get my head and feet in the picture at the same time. That ended up being outside the room shooting through the doorway. Being that far away I was worried my voice would not be picked up loud enough to hear through the internal microphone, so I thought I could use my Apple earbuds with mic for better quality.

Plugging the earbuds in directly to the computer works. It recognized an external microphone right away. However when I plugged my 50ft. extension cable in it went right back to internal. After much plugging in and out I turned to the inter webs for help. Turns out you need to use a cable that is designed to carry the microphone signal. If there are only two rings on the prong that only gets you headphone audio. You need a third ring to carry your voice, and sure enough my cable only had two.

In the end though I think it came out rather well, and people seemed to really enjoy it. The only technical issue I ran into was not being able to get a YouTube video of a fireplace to air instead of my webcam. It played on my screen, but nobody saw it. I thought that would have been a cool pre-roll.

If you missed the live stream it’s archived here on my site with my other videos, and it’s also embedded below. It’s a 60 minute flow that should be suitable for all levels. Look for more live stream classes in the future. You can subscribe to this blog, follow me on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

If you enjoy the practice please consider a donation to the Louisville-based charity, WaterStep. They help supply clean water to communities in developing countries.

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