New music up in the playlist section

I’ve been using Rdio for my yoga music the past couple years, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  Streaming music services in general are indispensable for someone like me that needs access to a lot of different types of music.  It would just be too expensive to keep buying as much music as I play in class.  However, it’s not all so rosy in in the land of Android with the Rdio app.  It is just not as polished as it’s iOS counterpart, so I was off to find an alternative.

The king of streaming music is undoubtedly Spotify, but I’m not a fan of their mobile app.  Compared to Rdio I don’t find it very user friendly.  My main qualm was everything had to be in playlists.  You couldn’t keep a typical music library with Spotify.  Instead you have to rely on search to find what you want.

I also tried the new Beats Music when it launched last month, and I think it’s got promise.  Just not right now.  Playlists for example don’t show the duration on mobile.  That makes it useless when you’re trying to time out a 60 minute class.

So my sights turned to Google Play Music All Access.  Long name, I know.  I had already loaded all of my purchased music from iTunes to the free portion of Google Play Music when I switched to Android, so I was semi-familiar with the service.  Google allows you to upload 20,000 songs free of charge to the cloud for playback on the web, or their app.  Like all of the other services, it’s $9.99/mo. for the All Access part, which includes unlimited streaming from their entire catalog.

So far it’s got some good and bad.


  • Nice, easy to navigate user-interface
  • Ability to download songs to your device, and syncing happens without the app needing to be open.
  • Copy an existing playlist to a new one.  This is great as I can build a 55 minute playlist to start, and then easily make minimal changes for 60 and 70 minute versions.  I couldn’t do this with Rdio.
  • Your personal songs you’ve uploaded live right next to the versions on the cloud.
  • Same price as the others.


  • Sharing with friends is practically impossible unless they’re using Google+

That last con is a big one, and one I’m hoping that Google will rectify in the future.  For sharing your only options are get link and Google+.  Copying the link to WordPress does nothing, and that’s a bummer.  When you do that with Rdio and Spotify a nifty web play is embedded, and that makes it possibly for me to keep a repository here on my website.

So, I’ve got this 60-day trial for Google’s service, and I’m going to give it a shot.  I think it’s got some positives over both services, but it’s not without a few negatives.  For now, I’m posting my new playlists in Spotify until the day Google catches up.  Enjoy!

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