P90X2 = Yoga + Weights?

I’m halfway through week one on P90X2, and so far I love it.  Tony has managed to combine yoga poses, cardio and weight training into a program that’s very different from the first P90X.

On Saturday the first workout was X2 Core, and I was literally smiling as I went through it.  So many of the balance moves are traditional yoga poses with a little something added, and they really wouldn’t be out of place in a vinyasa type practice.  For example on one set you begin in Warrior C, and as you come back up that back knee gets pulled into the chest with the opposite elbow twisted to the outside of the knee.  Then it’s back down to Warrior C to begin again.  It takes focus, and core engagement to not fall out of that.

Sunday was plyocide, and I liked this one more than plyometrics from the first P90X. Yes, its still jump training, but it felt like it wasn’t as in your face.  Not sure how to describe it.  I’ll have to revisit this one.

Monday was either a rest day, or X2 Mobility and Stretch.  I decided to take the rest.  The little bit of foam rolling I had done on my triceps the day before during warmup had done a number on me, and so had plyocide for that matter.

Yesterday was X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper.  Again we’re back to adding weight lifting in yoga poses, so I was pretty happy.  Preacher curls in Warrior C, shoulder presses in alternating leg lunges, and swimmer’s curl presses in a one-legged chair pose are just a fraction that combine yoga with weights to increase the difficulty with core engagement.

One movement that is going to take a lot of practice to be more comfortable in is pushup to side plank on medicine balls.  The pushup part on the balls is actually not that difficult, but adding that extra layer of balance to side plank is just killer.  I had to modify that one quite a bit yesterday by dropping a knee to the floor when going to the side.

X2 Ab Ripper follows the last workout, so you’re looking at 80 minutes for the day.  Again the theme here is it’s effective, but very different from P90X.  You’ll hold moves longer, and won’t do as many crunches.  So for the yoga audience you’ll know how to get in boat pose.  Start there, hug your side ribs, lower down your legs and back to where you can hold, and twist your torso enough that maybe that elbow touches the floor.  Hold for a couple breaths, then repeat on the other side.  It’s a slow burn that doesn’t happen right away, but it’s extremely effective. Get ready to see that one in an upcoming class soon.

As yogis we know the benefits of a focused practice where you need to engage the core to safely move through class.  This is absolutely not a replacement for a regular yoga practice, but it does make for an interesting program to see these poses incorporated with weight training the way that they’ve been.  I’ll update again once I’ve completed more of the workouts.

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